MyTechnic Hangar

  • Martin Stepanek 17:49h, 15 Şubat

    Hello, you have very nice pictures, congratulation! Are you working as technician? I work at Prague Airport. Can you help my hobby? I collect Safety Cards. I hope I can helo you too 🙂
    Best regards Martin

  • ltbaspotter 10:23h, 13 Mart

    Hello Martin,

    This photo taken from Ilgaz Deger. He is member of SpotTR. He is working on Pegasus Airlines. He is collector Model, Airline stickers, objects etc. How can we help to you? Ask to us what you want to know.


  • Martin Stepanek 12:56h, 15 Kasım

    Hello, thank you for answer. I am looking for somebody from Turkey, who collect Safety Instruction Cards. My email is
    Thank you for help.
    Best regards Martin

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