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  • Brian T Richards 10:07h, 03 Ocak

    I had a four day spotting trip in November 2012. Three of those days were spent at the FlyInn shopping centre. I had made contact with several spotters from this site before the trip who gave me a lot of useful advice and I met a couple of them while in Turkey. The trip was a great success – the terrace at the FlyInn is a superb location with no problems at all from security and is somewhere I will definitely recommend to friends around the world. Keep up the good work.

  • Nik French 09:49h, 04 Ocak

    We had a four day visit to Istanbul (Decemeber 17th to the 20th 2012), unfortunately the weather was very unkind with only around five minutes of sun in four days !!
    The Flyinn was superb for taking photos (and for keeping warm when it snowed!!) and we had no hassle there from anyone.
    I would recommend the place to anyone visiting, long may it continue !!

  • Eddie Heisterkamp 16:01h, 04 Ocak

    I was at Istanbul Ataturk aiport from February 11th to 13th 2012. IST is an absolutely great aiport with nice photo positions, excellent traffic and a lot of friendly people!!! Also the FlyInn is recommendable for afternoon shots. Only one situation was a little bit unpleasant as a staff member from the security agency demanded from me to leave the balcony immediately. But a friendly visitor (no spotter) noticed that and helped me out! In Turkish he asked the lady at the help desk one floor below (as she didn`t speak any English) if it would be OK to take pictures from there and she agreed. Apart from that everything was perfect!!!

  • Nikolay Ustinov 05:39h, 09 Ocak

    Air Astana airline invites us to Istanbul for three-days blog tour in the end of December. They tried to get permission from airport authorities about taking photos inside of airport territory. But, unfortunatelly, they got refuse. Therefore we choose Flyinn for spotting. It’s really great place when you can take pictures and, besides, get a cup of coffee. Airport overview in afternoon time is very good also. My report you can find here: – it wrote in Russian, but consist of pictures mainly, therefore you’re welcome to see.

  • Sergey Kustov 20:41h, 09 Ocak

    Spotting at Ataturk airport was my dream for a long time and in November 2012 I got a chance to make it true. My main purpose of visit to Istanbul was job, I was visiting MNG Technik as we had one of our aircraft on maintenance there. During some free time (24-Nov and 25-Nov) I did spotting from the most known location – terrace at Flyinn mall. There I met Brian T Richards, the author of the first comment. Another possibility to take photos for me was the ramp of MNG Technik. I found out that they allow their visitors to take their cameras to the facility and use them without limitation. So when I had opportunity I took some photos from there as well. I’m looking forward very much to my further visits to Istanbul. Ataturk airport is now among my favourites in the whole world to do spotting at.

  • MilanNN 22:07h, 09 Ocak

    It was nice time in Istanbul!
    I spent 2 sunny days in FlyINN mall and Floria Park.
    It was great!!!
    Good people, good country and good planes )))

  • Jose M. Carballo 23:36h, 09 Ocak

    I have bein spotting in Estambul every year since 2005 for a week in July.The pepople are incredible and helpfull.Recomend strongly the terrace from the FlyInn in the afternoon after a morning at the aircraft museum.It is an spotting paradise.I will be ther this year again Great country and great people.

  • Stig Rokkones 23:48h, 09 Ocak

    We had a tree day visit in IST. The FlyInn was great. But we missed a nice place for morningshots. We didnt try any other spottingplaces, but next time we will for sure. Had a great stay in Istanbul, and we got a lot of nice pics. We flew via Russia with the IL-96 on our way. Very nice aircraft. Will recomend IST to all my spottingfriends around the world.

  • Thomas Posch 12:14h, 10 Ocak

    AYT spotting: I enjoyed my stay there in 2008, 2009 and 2011. Never encountered problems with authorities as I always stayed well away from the airport fence. There are several spots for arrivals on each runway (morning and afternoon side). I recommend the IC Airport Hotel which offers perfect photo possibilities in the afternoon for 18L (main landing runway) from the room or publich terrace. Also the pool gives you a view on landing planes, although obstructed by palm trees and therefore not recommended for decent photography.

  • Ashley French 15:35h, 10 Ocak

    Spent 4 days in Istanbul during December 2012, spotting from the Fly Inn shopping mall. We had almost no sun for the entire trip, however we still managed to get good results from this superb spot.

  • Sebastian Franek 02:08h, 13 Ocak

    Only spent some hours @ LTBA on December, 2nd in 2012 with my friend Thomas. First stop was “Florya Tesileri Otopark” for taking some shots of the landing traffic of RWY 05 in the morning…2nd step was the FlyInn in the afternoon –> Fantastic Point ov view.
    We want to do a trip to LTBA again for some more days, soon…

  • Fayaz Rasac 19:38h, 13 Ocak

    I went only to FlyInn balcony, it is really great place to do plane-spotting, because you have restaurants (for food), toilets near by, roof, you can go inside the mall if you dont want to stay outside and the most important, a fantastic view for both runways! For sure the best spotting place that I went till today!

  • Rodrigo Carvalho 20:34h, 21 Ocak

    We had a 3 days spotting trip to IST between Dec 14th and 17th. Perfect weather on the 15th but cloudy and rainy the other days. IST is definitely a place to come back. Flyinn spotting place is just amazing. We also went to SAW the morning of Dec 16th but the weather didn´t help at all.

    Some of my photos of IST can be seen here:

    Thank you for the information some of you gave to help us plan our trip.



  • Stefan 22:25h, 23 Ocak

    I´ve been to IST in October and had a wonderful time spotting from FlyinnShoppingCenter. One of the best places for spotting besides the viewing plattforms in NRT, HND or NGO. I will come back!

  • Eurospot 13:56h, 14 Mart

    I´ve been to IST in May 2012 and had a wonderful time spotting from Flyinn Shopping Center (nice place, free park, restaurant anf wifi) and Florya Park sitting on a bench at the sea with Control by very friendly police the first hour.

  • Eurospot 13:58h, 14 Mart

    I had a four day spotting trip in June 2012 in Antalya.
    No problem with the police remaining discreet since spotting the many points away from fences. Excellent contacts with friendly local people.